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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Third Trimester!

I am now officially in the third trimester! It seems like it has taken forever to get here. Hard to believe that in about 12 weeks, she will be here! I have been feeling pretty good except I am already starting to get uncomfortable. Besides the normal back pain and sciatica, I have been getting pretty bad pain under my right rib which wraps around to my back, which is apparently just due to organs and everything being pushed under my ribs. Seems a little early for me to be feeling like this. It's all worth it though just to feel her move around all day. :) This weekend we hung up some of the pictures on her wall. Things are really starting to come together!
Here are some pictures:

And here is a picture of me at 27 weeks:

Other than that, we have just been trying to take care of things we need to do before Ella arrives. I mailed my last homework assignments and took my last test for the online Medical Coding and Billing program so that is finally done! Unfortunately I am not sure at this point if I will even use the certificate because my current job is so flexible when it comes to families. They seem to understand that families come before a job so it's no problem to leave early or do a little work from home or make up time on the weekend if you have to take care of a sick child or something. Not to mention, I would be taking a pretty big pay cut until I gain experience in Medical Coding and Billing. I am definitely going to keep my eyes open for job openings at the hospitals in town though. If anything, I'm just glad I have the peace of mind that I have something to fall back on if I need it (although URS is one of the few companies that is still growing like crazy in this economy). Besides finishing that program, we also just mailed off a check to pay off Dave's truck. It's so nice to know that we will only have one car payment! Also, Dave painted the hallway today. It was the only thing in the house that we haven't painted and it really needed it! It looks so much better now.
The weather is finally starting to change for the better here. There's going to be a real heat wave this week - temperatures in the 20s and even reaching freezing a few days! I am so ready for Spring and for all of the ice and dirty snow to melt! For now I just have this beautiful fragrant hyacinth plant in the house to remind me of warmer days! :)


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