The Dawleys

Thursday, February 25, 2010


While I am always thankful for this pregnancy, aches and pains and all, I have been reminded even more this week that each second should be cherished.
I have kept in touch via Facebook with two sisters that I used to work with at the daycare. One sister due a week after me and the other due a week after her. All of us expecting girls. The sister due a week after me went in for an ultrasound on Monday and they found no heartbeat. At 32 weeks, she'd lost her baby. It is completely heartbreaking and something that has hit me really hard. Tonight she posted pictures of her baby, which disturbed me greatly, but I understand is something that is probably helpful to her. I can't imagine the pain she and her family must be going through. Please say a prayer for them.
This has reminded me that every discomfort I feel in these remaining weeks should be welcomed and every kick and poke should be cherished more than it already is. And while I anxiously count down the weeks and days until Ella's arrival, I should appreciate each and every day because nothing is guaranteed.


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