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Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's In a Name

Before Dave and I found out whether we were having a boy or girl, we agreed on how the name would be chosen. Dave would choose the boy's name and I would choose the girl's name, but we would both have to agree on the name. We both had a very strong instinct that we were having a boy, and seeing as they say 80% of parents-to-be are right on their instincts, we had to be right! So we agreed on the name Benjamin. Well as you know by now, we are the 20% of parents-to-be that are apparently out of touch with their instincts! We were thrilled to find out that we are having a girl, but panic set in as I realized that I didn't have a name I loved.
A name is such a huge commitment. I think back to being a girl and doodling the names of my future kids (am I the only child that ever did that?) and I cringe at some of the names I liked (which I won't mention so I don't offend anyone who may like those names). How can you pick a name for your child and be sure that you'll still like it when they're 5 or 10 or 30? One thing I knew is that the name had to be classic. I didn't want a trendy name that would in a few years make me cringe like the names I liked in childhood. Dave and I both seem to be drawn to more classic names so at least we agreed on that. Dave's first choice for a girl was Audrey and while I adore Audrey Hepburn, I don't like how the name sounds with our last name. Fortunately, one of my stepsisters named her baby Audrey so I could safely eliminate that name without any hurt feelings. :) As I continued to think about names, I remembered a cat that we had a few years ago named Bella. We loved that name before the days of the Twilight books, but it's a little overused now. Bella made me think of Stella, but Dave found that to be little too harsh. From there we decided on Ella. A simple and classic feminine name that sounds good with our last name.
The middle name was pretty easy to choose. Do I go with a pretty name that I like and that will not embarrass Ella when she's in trouble and I call her by her full name?:) Or do I choose a name with meaning? I decided to go with the latter. As a child, I always disliked my middle name, Bernice. I just knew I would never pass it on to my children! Now that I am older though, I can't imagine not passing it on. I still don't like the name, but it means something to me. Bernice is the middle name of my grandmother (my dad's mom), my great aunt (my mom's aunt), my mom, my sister, and myself. Two sides of the family! While the name doesn't sound good to me, it is a name shared by some amazing women in my life. What greater gift to share with my own daughter?


The Book Family said...

It's a beautiful name!!

I can't wait to see how the wreath turns out!! :)

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