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Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Thoughts on Returning to Work

I found the following text on an internet article I stumbled across. I copied the text and pasted it in a blank document so I could remember it and now I can't find the website so I can't cite it. Anyways, it is something I needed to read as I have been having a lot of anxiety and guilt over having to go back to work. I know that I am the best person to care for my daughter, but I'm certainly not the only one. I seem to have a hard time remembering that so when I stumbled across this article, it helped me put things in perspective:

"I have learned: a real mom opens her hands. A real mom opens her hands to let go. She lets go of her expectations so her child can have independence. She lets go of the idea that she alone can meet all her child’s needs in order to give room for others' love. She lets go of the desire to control what her child thinks of her. A real mom opens her hands to receive. She accepts help, because no child can be raised by just one person. She is open to learning from others, including her child. She welcomes validation however it comes. She receives so she can give in turn."

I know that it will be hard for both of us at first when I go back to work...most likely harder on me than it is on her. But ultimately I know that Ella will benefit and grow from having lots of wonderful caregivers in her life. And if I allow it, I can grow from this too.


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