The Dawleys

Friday, July 9, 2010

3Months Old

Ella turned 3 months old on July 8th. She has changed so much this past month! One big change is that she has recently decided that she doesn't care much for her swing and gets bored with her butterflies very quickly. She no longer coos at them. Quite a change from last month! She also doesn't seem to like the confinement of the swing and when placed in it for more than a few minutes, fusses and tries to sit forward as if trying to get out. She is such a big girl now that she doesn't like to be cradled anymore either (unless sleeping in my arms). She prefers to be held upright when being held or carried. Because of this, she loves being carried in the Moby wrap. She thinks it's fun to see things from my level and I love it because I can get things done around the house and still be close to her. It's also an exciting new view when going to the store and definitely minimizes her fussiness when we're out too long - she is too busy exploring, laughing, and cooing to get bored or upset. I feel like she learns a lot more while being worn than she does if she's put in her car seat, bouncy seat, or swing. It's also nice to have that closeness, especially after being apart all day.
Ella is making a lot more noises these days. Her coos are becoming more complex. When crying, it sounds like she says Mama. I know she's not really saying it, but it sounds enough like it that her daycare teachers have commented on it. She also laughs and squeals when she is very excited about something.
Lately Ella prefers me over Dave, which is supposedly normal for this stage. Sometimes she likes to cuddle with him, but not as often as she used to. If the three of us are sitting on the couch together, she will smile and "talk" to him, but if he tries to hold her, she will cry, give him a pouty face, and look back at me. As soon as she is back in my arms, she stops crying and then continues the smiling and cooing at Dave! Despite this, she still loves to have conversations with him and loves flying like an airplane with him.
A huge milestone that Ella met recently is rolling over. A few weeks ago she started rolling over in her crib, but was unable to do so on the ground. Over the 4th of July weekend she rolled over twice on her floor mat and finally did it again today. It's so neat to watch her and see the proud smile on her face!
Ella started daycare last week and the transition has been a little easier than I thought it would be. Last week was a little rough because I was guilty and anxious about leaving her and because Ella didn't want to sleep there, which meant fussy evenings for us, but this week seems to be much better. I am finding that working 8-2 is a good balance (not ideal, but good enough). I can contribute to the household income, socialize with adults, and get out of the house, but still have lots of time with Ella. I also think it is good for Ella (again, not ideal, but good enough).. She is learning to trust other people, and she gets to socialize and experience new things that she wouldn't be exposed to at home. ..