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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Natural Parenting Blog Party (April 15th-30th)

I decided to join a Natural Parenting blog party at the Peaceful Housewife. I think it will be a fun way to keep me blogging and also find some like-minded blogging mothers! I am a little late getting started, but better late than never.:) Here are some get-to-know-you questions:

1) How many children do you have, and how old are they?
One daughter that turned one on April 8!

2) Do you have a partner, or are you a single parent?
I have been married to my wonderful husband for 5.5 years, together for 9 years in May...!

3) What are your “hot button” parenting issues?

4) Have you made any parenting choices that you didn’t think you would make before you were a parent, i.e. cloth diapering a child when you had previously thought it was disgusting?
Cloth-diapering was something I never thought I would do. We started using cloth when Ella was 3 months old, and it was a great decision!

5) Is there one book or person in particular that’s heavily influenced your parenting choices?
My instincts are what influenced my parenting choices. I didn't realize that what I was doing was Attachment Parenting until Ella was about 2 months old. I was so happy to see that there were other parents like me and was thrilled to discover Dr. Sears as a wonderful resource.

6) If you had to describe each of your children using only one word, what word would you use?
Spirited :)

7) Is there one parenting decision that you regret more than others and wish you could change?
I try not to regret things because it has no benefit to myself or family. I try to do the best I can, and that's really all I can do.

8) Is there an area of your parenting you wish you were better at?
I wish I was more creative and fun! I try to take ideas from when I used to work with infants at a daycare, but sometimes I wonder if I'm not stimulating Ella enough.

9) Now for the fun questions – is there one particular food or type of food that you could eat every day?
Chocolate. I keep leftover chocolate chips in the freezer for baking, but I always end up sneaking handfuls every day and they never get used for baking...

10) Vanilla ice cream or chocolate?
I love both.

11) What’s your guilty pleasure?
All of the Real Housewives shows...and Bethenny Getting Married...and Pregnant in Heels. I'm a Bravo TV junkie.

12) If you could be part of any television show, which show would it be?
Glee would probably be fun.


CatholicMommy said...

Welcome to the party. :-) Your blog is so pretty! I've been fiddling around with the appearance of mine, but have almost no html skills, so I'm stuck with a fairly generic appearance. Such is life. :-)

Sasha said...

Found you through the blog party. So nice to "meet" you. : )

Rae said...

I hopped over from the blog party - Spirited is certainly a word I can relate to for my DD too!

mrs green

Hybrid Rasta Mama said...

Hello! Stopping by from the NP blog party! LOVE that your parenting inspiration has been your own instincts. That is how it should be. Well put! Happy to have found your blog!

Paige said...

Hello from the blog party! Spanking is my hot button issue too! I hope you'll participate in the Gentle Discipline Carnival coming up in June. It was amazing last year.

Zoie @ TouchstoneZ said...

I'm popping over from the blog party to say hello, too. I'm happy to find your blog. Spanking is one of my hot buttons, too. I'm actually doing an informal link up of all the blog entries for Spank Out Day tomorrow. So, please let me know if you post something and I'll add a link to you

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