The Dawleys

Monday, June 20, 2011

What I'm Reading Now...

I am currently reading the book "Buddhism for Mothers" by Sarah Nepthali. You are probably thinking, "What?! When did you convert to Buddhism?!" Well I haven't. But I do draw inspiration from the mindfulness of Buddhism. To me, it's a philosophy, a peaceful way of thinking, rather than a religion. I think all people can benefit from mindfulness regardless of what religion they are.
I found this book from a natural parenting blog I stumbled across. I decided to check it out since I am always open to new ways of thinking and bettering myself and I am so glad I did. This book is for every mother no matter what religion, no matter how old your children. Everyone can take something positive away from this book. I encourage all of you to check it out.
This book addresses so many aspects of motherhood: the awesome joy, the daily tasks that can become mundane if we let them, and the negative feelings we all have at times such as guilt, frustration, boredom, and anger. She talks about compassion for yourself (something I have a difficult time with). She shows you how to "be" with your feelings no matter how good or bad you may perceive them to be and to welcome these feelings and use them as a learning experience. She shows you how to be present rather than yearning for happier past times or looking to the future for fleeting happiness. Each moment, whether changing a diaper, having a good laugh, or folding laundry is all equally important. She shows you how to bring mindfulness to your parenting, which in turn spills into all other aspects of your life.
I find this book to be a great companion to my philosophy of gentle discipline and helps make this type of discipline so much easier.