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Thursday, July 14, 2011

15 months

I couldn't believe how quickly Ella's first year went by and how much she changed in that short time. Little did I know, this second year would be full of even more rapid changes! It is crazy how much Ella has grown since her first birthday.
Every day I am in awe of this little girl. She amazes me with everything she knows. She amazes me with her kind heart and her funny personality. Ella still is not talking except for the occasional Mom, Dada, and No, but she is absorbing every word she can. All day, every day she is pointing to things and like a broken record, I repeat these words all day. She loves for me to ask her where things are so she can show me. She knows parts of her body, in(side) and out(side), open and close, light, diaper, different furniture in the house, foods, animals, etc. She is so close to talking though! Just the other day, I put a new onesie on the little boy I watch. Ella pointed to the duck on his onesie and said "duh." She is starting to put her Melissa and Doug puzzles together and claps for herself whenever she puts a piece in the correct place. She lets me know when she wants something to drink, is tired, wants to go for a walk, or wants to eat. She is also following simple commands. In the evening before bed, we ask her to get her Larabar (her bedtime snack) and she goes to the cabinet, opens the drawer, and brings the bar to us to open. When it's naptime or bedtime, I tell her that it's time to go night-night and she grabs her beloved stuffed toys and marches to her room.
Ella has started to become attached to things. She has two bunnies, a blue bear, and a doll that my mom made for sleeping (and sometimes they go on walks with us or out and about). At bedtime, if one of those toys is not in her arms, she whines and looks around until they are all accounted for in her arms. Her Abby and Elmo figurines are her favorite daytime buddies.
At fifteen months Ella is finally starting to become a picky eater. Things she adored before are things she will no longer touch. Her current favorite foods are Larabars, soy cheese slices with Earth's Best Crunchin' Crackers, blueberries, nectarines, strawberries, broccoli, sweet potatoes, beans, veggie dogs, fried Cream of Wheat, Stoneyfield Farms Apple Yogurt, and veggie sausage with eggs. Although there are days when these are hit and miss too, they are more often a hit than not.
At her 15-month checkup, Ella was 9th percentile for weight and 17th for height. She is teeny tiny! Her doctor is not worried since she has always been small and since she is meeting all milestones on time.
When Ella turned one, I was really nervous about the toddler stage, but I am loving it just as much as the infant stage. I love seeing her personality and being able to communicate with her.
I am so thankful for Ella and am so very blessed to be able to stay home with her.


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