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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cloth Wipes

Yes, that's right. Cloth wipes. Didn't think I was crunchy enough with just the cloth diapers, I had to go and mess with the wipes too. After Ella had a diaper rash that wouldn't go away a few weeks ago, I decided to finally try cloth wipes. I had been wanting to try them for a long time, but was a little intimidated by them and Dave wasn't too keen on the idea (and let's be honest - still isn't!). Since it isn't recommended to use disposable wipes on a diaper rash, I figured I had a good excuse to make the jump!
I bought a pack of Thirsties wipes from a local cloth diaper store. Six wipes for $10.75. I also made 20 more wipes using terry cloth fabric and flannel.
I honestly didn't think I would like using them and I didn't think that 26 wipes would last very long. I was truly amazed though. One cloth wipe cleans so much better than a disposable wipe. And it's nice being able to toss the wipe in the diaper pail rather than separating them (or often forgetting and finding old wipes in the dryer).
One of the biggest things that intimidated me was making a wipe solution. I have a recipe that I love though and it's actually kind of fun creating the solution. Plus, I love knowing what is going on Ella's skin. Here are my wipe solution recipes:

Lavendar and Chamomile
2 cups filtered water
1 tsp Dr. Bronners Baby Mild Castile Soap
2 drops lavendar oil (antimicrobial and smells good)
1 drop chamomile oil

Sweet Orange
2 cups filtered water
1 tsp Dr. Bronners Baby Mild Castile Soap
2 drops sweet orange oil
10 drops grapefruit seed extract (antimicrobial)

I put about 10 wipes folded in half in an old wipes container and pour the solution on top. I do this every other day.
Saves money and good for Ella and the environment. Can't beat that.:)


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