The Dawleys

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Every time I return home from visiting my mom's house, I go into major nesting mode. I consider myself a clean and organized person, but coming home from a stay at her house kicks it into major overdrive. My mom's house is perfect and beautifully decorated. Visiting always makes me realize that there is more I can do to my house to make it better!
During my visit, I got to play with my mom's sewing machine, something I am very interested in getting for my birthday or Christmas (a hint to Dave if I haven't dropped enough already...:) ). This is the one I want! Anyways, I made a bunch of cloth wipes for Ella. It was a lot of fun, and now I'm wanting to create even more things. Like this and this and I'm finding inspiration for changing up our living room from this and this.
I think our house is decorated nice now, but I would love it to be more personal and meaningful and what better way than to make things myself (or at least attempt to)?!


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