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Sunday, January 8, 2012

21 Months

Today Ella is 21 months! How is it that we will be celebrating her 2nd birthday in 3 months?!
At 21 months, Ella is such a sweet and funny little girl. She loves to make her mommy and daddy laugh.:) She loves to give hugs and kisses. She is really overcoming her shyness and is very sociable when we go out in public. She especially loves to interact with other moms and babies.
Her favorite activities these days are coloring, puzzles, play dough, painting, dancing, helping clean (she got her own broom and dust pan for Christmas that she loves to follow me around with), and play with her baby dolls and kitchen set.
Her speech has taken off and she says well over 20 words now, and every day she seems to add more. She loves to point at things, have you say what it is, and then repeat it.
About a week ago we got rid of Ella's high chair. She now sits in a big girl booster seat. She loves sitting at the table with us.
For the past few weeks, Ella has had a mild, but itchy rash that comes and goes around her mouth and chin, and one that sticks around (but varies in intensity) under and around her eye. I have tried Argan oil and coconut oil, which really seem to relieve the irritation, but they don't solve the problem. We decided to try an elimination diet to see if that helped. On Friday, we removed soy and wheat. The rash cleared up by the end of the day except for a little redness and puffiness under the eye. Dave accidentally used a cooking spray that had soy yesterday and the rash started to come back, but later went away after no soy again. So we are thinking she might have a soy allergy, but are going to take her to an allergist just to confirm. Until then we are going to have to make some dietary changes. This could be a good thing though as this will force us to rely less on processed foods and base our diet around a variety whole foods. I have been wanting to center our diets around more whole, unprocessed foods, but this has really given me the push I need to do it. We have taken her off of soy milk and are giving her a variety of nondairy milks such as rice, almond, hemp, and coconut. She has also been eating coconut milk yogurt and rice cheese for calcium. Fortunately her favorite foods don't seem to contain soy so she still has plenty of things to eat. She loves Larabars, chopped nuts, dried and fresh fruit, bean and rice dishes, and veggies. I made some seed cakes that she loved that are made with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seed, sesame and hemp seed, cinnamon, hemp milk, baking soda, and flour. I fried them in coconut oil and she thought they were so good. I love that they are full of healthy fats and protein. I hope her love of fresh, whole foods continues and hopefully, we will find out something this week about whether this is an allergy or just a strange coincidence.
Tomorrow we start our new semester of Kindermusik. I am so excited for Ella to see her teacher and friends after a month-long break and to get our new materials. We are also signing up for a Wiggles class at the local community center. It is a toddler mommy and me indoor gym class. We are doing this with the little boy I used to baby sit and his mom. So Monday and Friday mornings will be filled with our classes and the middle of the week is time to do whatever we want.:)
I always seem to say it, but time is flying by way too fast. I just can't believe what a big girl Ella is. Every day I am in awe of what a sweet and intelligent little person she is.


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