The Dawleys

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's Been a While

It's been a long time since I've posted! The past several months have been pretty crazy as I've discovered that I'm gluten intolerant along with 36 other (hopefully temporary) food sensitivities. Some of these foods include soy, tomato, carrots, green beans, cauliflower, black pepper, garlic, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, and coffee. Gluten intolerance is thought to be the cause of these sensitivities, so once my stomach heals, I should be able to slowly incorporate these foods back into my diet.
In addition to this, we found out Ella is salicylate sensitive (which is why she had the recurring rash on her face). Salicylates are naturally found in most fruits, vegetables, herbs and seasonings and are also found in artificial flavors and colorings as well as medications. When we watch her salicylate intake, the rash disappears. Certain foods, such as pineapple, zucchini, strawberries, and avocado, will make the rash appear instantly. But I try not to offer too many hugh salicylate foods even if we don't see a reaction. It was described to me that we can think of it as a bucket. The bucket fills with every food that contains salicylates. Once it reaches a certain point (and this point is different for everyone), symptoms will start to appear. It was thoght that the rash is her only symptom, but it's possible that she also experiences things like stomach aches and fatigue. We have had Ella go gluten free as well along with me and have noticed her dark circles disappear and the enamel on her teeth become shinier and less mottled.
 Between the two of us, it has been very difficult to find safe foods to eat. We have stopped eating a vegan diet since our selection of foods has been greatly limited. We have been including organic eggs, yogurt, cheese, and meat and have even been making our own bone broths (and by we I mean Dave), which are supposed to be very healing. Between these foods, doctor visits, allergy tests, buying expensive supplements (safe vitamins, digestive enzymes, probiotics), safe skincare, and safe soap, it has been a very expensive time for us. Thankfully we are feeling better, and hopefully these issues will be a thing of the past soon! And I must add that Ella and I are lucky to have a husband and daddy who is so supportive and helpful.
Other than all of this, we are anxiously awaiting fall and the cool weather. As the lazy summer days come to an end and fall nears, I am trying to get our days into more of a rhythm.  Each day has a different theme. Mondays will be Montessori (I will have a Montessori-inspired activity for her to do), Tuesdays are music class day, Wednesdays are for story time and the library, Thursdays will be art, and Fridays will be for errands. We will have lots of time for free play and outdoor play when the weather is nice. I have also been spending time each morning doing finger plays and different verses with movement. We repeat the same ones for several days in a row. Ella really seems to love it, requesting her favorites and wanting to repeat them over and over.
Ella has really started to come out of her shell recently and become more sure of herself. Before the summer break, Ella would always refuse to sit with the other children at Story Time. She always wanted to stay with me. This past week, I encouraged her to sit on the rug with the other children - and she did! The entire time. She really enjoyed herself, and I was so proud of her. She has been asking to go to Story Time every day since.:)
Another instance of Ella coming out of her shell was when I watched a little girl and her baby brother that live next door. The little girl is a year older than Ella and of course that means she likes to boss Ella around and take her toys. She also hit Ella a few times. Normally Ella would cry or come to me for help. But this time around, she spoke up for herself saying things like "No. No like that." or "No hit me. No take my toys." She had a very sweet tone as she said those things. I was so happy to see my sweet, sensitive girl have the courage to stick up for herself and even happier that she didn't yell or hit back.
This year is really flying by. It's hard to believe Ella will be 2.5 next month! Dave and I are really enjoying what a fun, thoughtful, sweet, and intelligent little girl she is.