The Dawleys

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What We've Been Up To

We have been very busy since my last post!  The last weekend of September, Grammy came to visit us.  We had a great time with her!  We went to the zoo, shopping, and out to eat.  Ella really enjoyed seeing her Grammy and still talks about her visit with her.
The very next weekend, Aunt Laurie, Libby, and Claire came to visit!  They stayed the entire week.  It was so good to spend time with them.  We spent time at "Bob's" house, went shopping, out to eat, and played a lot.  Ella was very overwhelmed at times and was very out of sorts, but I know she loved having them visit just as much as I did.  She talks about their visit still.  Since they have gone home, she occasionally likes to have us call her Libby.:)
On October 15, we started Lora Jensen's 3-Day Potty Training Method.  It's a very gentle and positive method that works!  We had 8!! accidents the first day, 3 the second day, and none on the third day.  Since then, Ella has done amazing although we are still having problems getting her to poo on the potty most depends on her mood.:)  I am so proud of what a big girl she is.  She tells us a lot that she is a big girl and not a baby any more. She is very proud of herself too.
On the 20th, we went to Vala's Pumpkin Patch.  Ella got to pick pumpkins and go on a hayride for the first time.  It was not as we expected it would be (we are used to Eckert's).  It was extremely busy.  Busier than I ever remember a place even like Six Flags being.  It was insane.  Dave and I were pretty stressed out by the place, and Ella of course was overwhelmed.  It was almost $30 to get in, and then once in you had to pay for everything (such as $3 for an ear of corn that I waited in line for half an hour for, the only item that was most-likely gluten free). We did manage to enjoy picking pumpkins though.  Next time we go back, we will do things much differently to have a more enjoyable time.
I have started watching the neighbor kids on Friday mornings.  Ella loves being able to play with her friend Evie.  She also likes to bring little toys over for Evie's baby brother.  It's been really good for her to have that time every week to play with them.
At 2.5, Ella is growing up so much.  She loves to talk and is such an intelligent and observant child.  She always says the sweetest things and usually has so much joy for everything.  She has quit taking naps on most days as of last week.  Her favorite things to do are play with her Squinkies, color, dance, sing, play outside, and watch her shows.  During the week, she gets to watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Super Why!.  On the weekends, she gets to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins. Those 4 shows are her very favorites.  Ella is becoming a pickier eater (although she will usually eat what we ask her to).  If she could live off of the foods of her choice though, they would be macaroni and cheese, Larabars, and her Indie Candy allergy-free gummies.
Ella is really excited about Halloween this year.  She can't wait to see the neighbors and get candy.  She is excited to wear her cupcake costume too.
We are looking forward to a busy November as well.  Dave and I will be celebrating our 7-Year Wedding Anniversary, Grandpa Chris and Grandma will be coming to visit, I will be turning 30 (!!), and we will of course have Thanksgiving to celebrate as well.  I love this time of year, and it's even better creating memories with our sweet Ella.